Miradero Rain Gauge Network

During July 2006, sixteen tipping bucket rain gauges were installed within the area covered by one GOES satellite pixel (4 km x 4 km), with the objective of comparing the gauge data with rainfall estimates from the NOAA NESDIS Hydro-Estimator algorithm and the UPRM CASA Radar network. Each rain gauge is equipped with a data logger capable of storing rainfall depth every 10 minutes over a 48-day period. In 2007, 12 additional rain gauges were added to the network. The 12 gauges are located within a small subwatershed with a stream gauge installed at the outlet. The study area is located near the University of Puerto Rico’s Mayagüez Campus (UPRM) in western Puerto Rico (click on figures below to see enlarged images). For the rain gauge spatial coordinates (Latitude and Longatude) click here. Financial support for installation and maintenance of the rain gauge network is provided by the UPRM NOAA CREST and CASA Radar projects

More information about the rain gauge network is available from the following paper:

Harmsen, E. W., S. E. Gomez Mesa, E. Cabassa, N. D. Ramirez Beltran, S. C. Pol, R. J. Kuligowski ,R. Vasquez, 2008. Satellite Sub-Pixel Rainfall Variability. WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing. Issue 8, Volume 7, Pages 504-513.

Download Rain Gauge Data

Note that the rain gauge data is “raw” data, that is to say, data from malfunctioning gauges have not been removed. An example of a malfunctioning gauge is one that became plugged and therefore did not measure any rainfall during a rainfall event. It is recommended that the rain gauges be screened for anomalous values for each storm, and that gauges identified as having anomalous data be eliminated. In the example, this rain gauge could have been identified by comparing it with surrounding rain gauges.

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2 thoughts on “Miradero Rain Gauge Network

    • Here are the coordinates for the 28 rain gauges.

      Rain gauges W N
      C 1 -67.12341 18.23141
      C 2 -67.12423 18.23026
      C 3 -67.11276 18.22822
      C 4 -67.11136 18.23024
      C 5 -67.10607 18.22955
      C 6 -67.12248 18.22534
      C 7 -67.11528 18.22346
      C 8 -67.11219 18.22389
      C 9 -67.1062 18.22327
      C 10 -67.10198 18.22577
      C 11 -67.12087 18.22208
      C 12 -67.11199 18.21921
      P1 -67.12659 18.23652
      P2 -67.11681 18.23264
      P3 -67.10936 18.23986
      P4 -67.09906 18.23947
      P5 -67.12785 18.22692
      P6 -67.11916 18.23047
      P7 -67.10513 18.22755
      P8 -67.10022 18.22758
      P9 -67.12532 18.21892
      P10 -67.11719 18.21791
      P11 -67.1078 18.21836
      P12 -67.09742 18.22036
      P13 -67.12653 18.20756
      P14 -67.11801 18.2072
      P15 -67.10983 18.20708
      P16 67.09872 18.20751

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