NEXRAD is back online in Puerto Rico. But now GOES solar radiation product is down.

NEXRAD radar (rainfall) in Puerto Rico is back online, but now NOAA’s GOES satellite data, used for estimating ground-level solar radiation, is offline!  Urrrr!!  That means that GOES-PRWEB is still suffering from missing data.  The algorithm currently uses an average of the last 14 days when the solar data is missing.  GOES-13 data has been offline for around 7 days now.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are receiving the solar data again. 


Dear Friends

Total estimated actual evapotranspiration for 2010 derived from the GOES-PRWEB algorithm.

I am sending out this “heads up” to let you know that within the next few days the GOES-Puerto Rico Water and Energy Balance (PRWEB) model will become operational.   “Operational” means that the results will appear on the website everyday.  The water and energy balance results, and all other environmental parameters will be published in “near real-time” (i.e., through yesterday’s date).   In other words, if you visit the website on April 2, 2012, for example, the results will be current up through April 1, 2012.  In addition, graphic results will be provided on a daily basis starting from January 1, 2010.

As always, feel free to respond to my posts with questions or comments.