ADAPTA – New Climate Adaptation Video Series for Tropical Farmers

ADAPTA – New Climate Adaptation Video Series for Tropical Farmers

We are living in historic moments in the world’s response to climate change. Last December in Paris, delegates from 196 countries signed an agreement to work towards curtailing greenhouse gas emissions and to keep global warming to “well below” 2 °C degrees. Read more…..

Photos from my Irrigation Class

On February 8th my students planted beans on two terraces in the Finca Alzamora as part of a laboratory for the course TMAG 4019 Farm Irrigation and Drainage Systems. In a previous post I provided a link to the photos showing the installation of the drip irrigation system. Today I have a few photos showing the emergence of the bean plants. So far it looks like emergence is over 90%. Thanks to Dr. Tim Porch of the USDA TARS for contributing the bean seed from his research work. Click Here to see other photos from the class.




Finca Alzamora Weather Station up and running (again!)

Dear folks,

Twenty-one days ago I uploaded a post saying that the Finca Alzamora weather station was up and running after being down since December 29th. That was true for about 24 hours when it died again. The problem wasn’t a bad battery, but the batter/solar panel circuit board. I have now replaced the board and the system is up and running again, hopefully for a good long time.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Click the links below to see the current weather station information.
Finca Alzamora Weather Underground
Finca Alzamora WeatherLink