GOES-PRWEB: Yesterday’s Results


This page provides yesterday’s results (daily averages and totals) for 28 input/output variables from the operational water and energy balance algorithm for Puerto Rico GOES-PRWEB. Maps of non-transient input parameters are also provided at the bottom of this page. New results appear each day at approximately 11:00 am.

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Effective Rainfall is defined as Rainfall – Surface Runoff – Percolation Below the Root Zone and is the rainfall that is available to be used for crop evapotranspiration.

Crop Stress Coefficient: 1=No Stress, 0=Extreme Stress

Non-Transient Parameters

Definitions by Land Classes

Runoff Curve Number CN

Hydrologic Soil Groups (1=A, 2=B, 3=C and 4=D)

Land Cover Land Use (see Definition of Land Classes)

Percent Clay

Percent Sand

Percent Silt

Root Depth (m)

Roughness Length (m)

Soil Field Capacity

Soil Permanent Wilting Point

Surface Albedo

Surface Elevation (m)

Zero Plane Displacement (m)


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