The Port to Nowhere: PR’s lost opportunity

Excerpted from The Puerto Rican English Blog:

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Port to Nowhere

(AKA “The Island of Disenchantment”)

Even though this is a relatively old article, it’s just so depressing to hear, and I had to share it and vent a little.

Ponce’s Port of the Américas’ transshipment potential rapidly fading away – at

The Port of the Americas (aka the Port of Ponce) is PR’s opportunity to become a vital link in world trade, the only deep-water port in the Caribbean that could handle the super-huge PANAMAX container ships that traverse the Panama Canal. We were billed to become the “Singapore of the Caribbean”. We were set to reclaim our position as the 1st Port of the New World, the geographic axis connecting North America, South America, and Europe, and with the traffic from the Panama Canal, Asia as well. This is PR’s chance to grow rich and powerful off of basically just being there, sitting in the ocean exactly where it’s always been, which is the best way to get rich.  READ MORE…