Today a new weather station was installed in the Finca Alzamora, UPRM campus, Mayaguez Puerto Rico.  Data from the weather station are available from two websites:  WeatherLink  or WeatherUnderground.  The WeatherUnderground site allows you to download archived data in a coma delimited text format that can be imported into Excel.  Data being collected include:  air temperature, dew point temperature, RH, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, UV index, soil moisture tension and soil temperature.  A value of the reference evapotranspiration is available on the WeatherLink page.  We are still working out a few kinks, but should have it running smoothly within a few days.



The weather station was purchased with funds from the UPRM NOAA CREST Project.



  1. Update on Finca weather station (September 15, 2014).
    1. The WeatherUnderground link includes graphical results and it is possible to download archived historical data.
    2. The WeatherLink site includes four values of soil temperature and four values of soil moisture tension. Since installation, the soil moisture tension sensor continue to read 0 centibars because of the wet weather. As the soil begins to dry out the values should increase. The range of the soil moisture tension sensor is 0 to 200 cb. Sensors 1 and 2 are at 3 inches below the ground surface. Sensors 3 and 4 are at 12 inches below the ground surface.
    3. Reference evapotranspiration is available only at the WeatherLink website. Today (Sep 15) it says that the ET for the month and year is 33 mm. Since the weather station was installed on Sep 5th, this represents 10 days of ET.

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