New Open Source Book on Evapotranspiration Available from InTech

There is a new open source book titled Evapotranspiration available from InTech. The hyper link to download the book or individual chapters is

Here is the list of individual chapters:

Table of Contents

Water Vapor Flux in Agroecosystems Methods and Models Review
Víctor Hugo Ramírez-Builes and Eric W. Harmsen

Conceptual Elements and Heuristics from Complexity Paradigm Suitable to the Study of Evapotranspiration at the Landscape Level
Claudia Coronel, Omar Tapia Silva, Gilberto Hernández, José Manuel Madrigal, Edgar Rosales, Alejandro Toledo, Mauricio Galeana, Alejandra López Caloca and José Luis Silvan

Methods of Evapotranspiration Assessment and Outcomes from Forest Stands and a Small Watershed
Vladimir Cernohous, Frantisek Sach, Petr Kantor and Vladimir Svihla

Analysis of Catchment Evapotranspiration at Different Scales Using Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches
Xiangyu Xu and Dawen Yang

Nonlinear Evapotranspiration Modeling Using MLP-NNM and SVM-NNM Approach
Sungwon Kim and Hung Soo Kim

A Simple Remote Sensing EvapoTranspiration Model (Sim-ReSET) and its Application
Qinxue Wang, Zhigang Sun, Bunkei Matsushita and Masataka Watanabe

Estimating Actual Evapotranspiration using ALARM and the Dimensionless Temperature
Ayman Suleiman and Jawad Al-Bakri

Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration Data Assimilation for Crop Growth Modeling
Baburao Kamble and Ayse Irmak

The Effect of Temperature on Actual Evapotranspiration based on Landsat 5 TM Satellite Imagery
Preeyaphorn Kosa

Use of Visible Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite Imagery in Mapping Reference and Potential Evapotranspiration over Florida
John R. Mecikalski, David M. Sumner, Jennifer M. Jacobs, Chandra S. Pathak, Simon J. Paech, and Ellen M. Douglas

A Calibration-Free Evapotranspiration Mapping (CREMAP) Technique
József Szilágyi, János Józsa and Ákos Kovács

Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration using the FAO Penman-Monteith Method for Climatic Conditions of Poland
Leszek Łabędzki, Ewa Kanecka-Geszke, Bogdan Bak and Sandra Slowinska

Application of a New Web-Based Tool(CropWaterUse) for Determining Evapotranspiration and Irrigation Requirements of Major Crops at Three Locations in Queensland
José O. Payero, Dhananjay Singh, Graham Harris, Simon Vriesema, Jenelle Hare, Lance Pendergast and Yash Chauhan

Estimates of Evapotranspiration and Their Implication in the Mekong and Yellow River Basins
Maichun Zhou

Responses of Energy Budget and Evapotranspiration to Climate Change in Eastern Siberia
Hotaek Park, Takeshi Yamazaki, and Takeshi Ohta

Semiarid Riparian Vegetation Water Demand and Its Influence to Compute the Sonora River Basin Water Availability
Ramos J., González F.J., Marrufo L. and Domínguez R.

Evapo-transpiration in Ecological Engineering
Andrzej Białowiec, Irena Wojnowska-Baryła and Peter Randerson

Turfgrass Growth, Quality, and Reflective Heat Load in Response to Deficit Irrigation Practices
Benjamin Wherley

Understanding the Effects of Fires on Surface Evapotranspiration Patterns Using Satellite Remote Sensing in Combination with an Energy Balance Model
Juan M. Sánchez, Vicente Caselles and Eva Rubio


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