Irrigation Discussion Groups you may want to consider subscribing to

Here are four irrigation discussion groups you may want to consider subscribing to. I have been a member of Irr-L for years and have found it invaluable. The information below came from the following website:

There are four distinct irrigation discussion groups: Irrigation-L, Trickle-L, Salinity-L and SoWaCS.

The purpose of Irrigation-L is to cover technical aspects of irrigation like design, hydraulics, and system layouts. It is also open for topics like irrigation management, socio-cultural, political and economic questions relevant to irrigation.

Trickle-L focuses on all aspects of drip irrigation technology that is sometimes referred to as Microirrigation.

Salinity-L discusses the management practices of saline soils along with more detailed discussions of salt movement in the soil and crop salt tolerance.

SoWaCS or Soil Water Content Sensors is a discussion list which obviously focuses on methods and techniques used to measure soil water content and soil water potential.

All of the above discussion groups are operated by a listserver. A listserver automatically distributes an e-mail message from one member of the list to all other members on the list. When you subscribe to a list, your name and e-mail address is automatically added to it. To subscribe to any of the four lists above, send in the E-mail message (without the quotes), “subscribe (name of list) your name to the following addresses:

For Salinity-L:
For SoWaCs:

To me the above instructions are a bit confusing. I will try to clarify the instructions in a subsequent post.



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