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GIS and Remote Sensing
CoHemis Center for Hemispherical Cooperation in Research and Education in Engineering and Applied Science
NOAA CREST Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing of The Earth at the University of Puerto Rico
NOAA CREST at the City College of the City University of New York (CUNY)

Organic Agriculture
Agricultura Orgánica Puerto Rico
Productos SANA Inc. (

Renewable Energy
Viking M. Services Renewable Energy of all sorts!
Solar energy video on youtube

Useful Software
MathCad Prime Express (free version)
SMath Studio is a freeware, closed source, mathematical notebook program similar to Mathcad. It is available for Windows, Linux, and on some handhelds (Wiki)
Filehippo free download site
Matlab (matrix laboratory) is a numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language. (Wikipedia)

Water Resources
Recursos de Agua de Puerto Rico, Ferdinand Quiñones, PE
VLab: free online calculations for problems in hydraulics and hydrology
Aqua Tech – What is Water Conservation and Why is it Important?

Weather and Climate
NOAA’s Advance Hydrologic Prediction Service – Rainfall for Puerto Rico WunderMap
Puerto Rico Observed Climate Normals (1981-2010)
UW Extension Ag Weather This site includes remotely sensed solar radiation for the Eastern and Western U.S., ET model for Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida, and Irrigation Scheduling software
Spectrum Technology, Inc.
Daylight Hours Explorer
National Climate Weather Service – San Juan, PR.
NRCS SCAN weather station data for western and southern PR
AtmosCarib – Caribbean Atmospheric Research Center at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez Campus
NOAA’s Advance Hydrologic Prediction Center
RAMS Surface Characteristic Data

Crop Water Use
University of Florida Agricultural Extension Service
Crop evapotranspiration – Guidelines for computing crop water requirements – FAO Irrigation and drainage paper 56
Spanish language translation of FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper no. 56 (Crop Evapotranspiration)
CROPWAT 8.0 Homepage
Puerto Rico Evapotranspiration Calculator Computer Program(PR-ET)

Irrigation Related Link
The Annual Proceedings of the Central Plains Irrigation Association (Since 1997)
Extension Service (Excellent site for irrigation topics!!)
Irrigation Research and Training Center
Join the Microirrigation Discussion Group
Subsurface Drip Irrigation Page
Geospatial Data for Environmental Conversion (Luis J. Olivieri, Owner)
Measured Irrigation at Dot2dot
Netafim USA
L. R. Nelson Corporation
Agro Servicios – Puerto Rico
Drip Works
Schumacher Irrigation Products
Agriculture Products Incorporated (API)
Kifco (AgRain)
Cornell Pumps
Sprinkler Warehouse

UPRM Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department
University of Puerto Rico College of Agricultural Sciences
University of Puerto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station
University of Puerto Rico Agricultural Extension Service
Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute of Puerto Rico
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Soil and Water Conservation Society


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