Growers Convert to Drip Irrigation as Water Shortages Continue

Growers Convert to Drip Irrigation as Water Shortages Continue

Toro DripTips


CROP WATER USE ( HARGREAVES ET EQUATION) NEW WOLFRAM ALPHA WIDGET. Reference: Hargreaves, G. H. and Z. A. Samani, Reference Crop Evapotranspiration from Temperature. Appl. Eng. Agric., ASAE. 1(2). 1985,. pp.96-99.

Widget Application: Suppose you want to schedule irrigation by replacing the water evapotranspired by your crop each day. 1. Click on the appropriate link to get yesterdays solar radiation for your location: Puerto Rico or Northern Caribbean, 2. Check the internet for the average daily air temperature at your location (average = (minimum + maximum)/2), 3. Get the appropriate crop coefficient for your crop from this link, and 4. Finally, enter solar radiation, air temperature and crop coefficient into the widget to estimate ET. Multiply ET x acres x 1069.0663 to get the number of gallons of water you need to apply to your field.

Small Scale Farming: Simple, Successful, Sustainable

Small Scale Farming: Simple, Successful, Sustainable

Sugeno-san is a philosopher. His love affair with the land is poetry. “These trees are planted by our ancestors. These ‘tambos’ — the orderly descending terraces of rice paddy fields — are blessings from our communal mountains and forests. We smallholder farmers are the guardians of this Earth. It is our ancestral connection with their spirits. We pay our respects by respecting the land.” I realise that this deep and profound link between our planet and our humanity is being shattered by our human greed and ever-rising consumption.  Read more…

Product Review: Remotely accessible irrigation management tool from Koubachi

Cool!! Remotely accessible sensor for managing irrigation and other stuff.   The device is sold by a Switzerland-based company called Koubachi.  Too expensive for house plants but could be great for agricultural applications.

The review focuses on the remote (mobile) accessibility of the device, which is amazing, but doesn’t talk at all about how accurate the internal sensors are.  If anyone has this information please leave a comment.  I also will try to check on this.