Los mas probres de entre los pobres Documental online

Los mas probres de entre los pobres Documental online 

This video documents how the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh are exploited by industries that supply cheap products to rich countries.  Their plight is made worse by human-induced climate change, resulting in more frequent flooding and contamination of farm fields by sea water, which in turn is creating refugees from the rural areas to the overpopulated cities.

“While most Americans are fixated on Hurricane Harvey, which continues to break rainfall records since making landfall along the coast on Friday, an even deadlier disaster is unfolding in South Asia. Across Nepal, Bangladesh, and India, an exceptionally strong monsoon season has left almost 1,200 dead and displaced or affected tens of millions more. Heavy rains led to unprecedented landslides and floods—as much as a third of Bangladesh is under water—leaving communities cut off as they face food and fresh water shortages and disease threats that will remain long after the water recedes.”

(How Climate Change Contributed to Massive Floods in South Asia, https://psmag.com/environment/how-climate-change-contributed-to-massive-floods-in-south-asia )


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