The World is Getting Better, not Worse – Unity of Thought in World Undertakings

Rhea Harmsen

The World is Getting Better, not Worse – Unity of Thought in World Undertakings

The world is getting better, not worse. It can be proven. By measuring the increase in something called “unity of thought in world undertakings.”

Whenever all of humanity decides to unite around a certain principle or enterprise, or in solving a common problem, it can be said we have reached a plateau of global consciousness (albeit around a single issue). Unity of thought in world undertakings is a positive trend in the social evolution of the planet. Through it, we can perceive great cause for hope for the future of humanity, rather than the ever-gloomier apocalyptic scenarios popular culture is fond of presenting. Yet, few people are aware of it. It is as if a flower has bloomed in the night, and is presented at break of day, to an astounded humanity.

Knotted Gun by Carl…

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