BOOK LAUNCH AGAIN! GOD CREATED WOMEN, the new release from Rhea Harmsen is the novel that debunks the myth that women were born to suffer

Rhea Harmsen

God Created Women cover_final_hi-resA few weeks ago I asked my readers for help in naming my new novel. This plea went out over wordpress and facebook and many of you responded with truly excellent feedback. So, you might be surprised to find that the final cover, the one which now accompanies the novel, is not one of the four I submitted for your consideration. Truthfully though, your collective input was key in my settling on not only a cover, but also on the title. (Without a title concept it is impossible to have a cover). So, I want to thank everyone who helped. I also want to thank Lua Harmsen, for her beautiful painting, which expresses what I am trying to say in three hundred pages.

It is a new morning in history, (or a  sunset to old ideas) and it is time to explode that myth, perhaps more prevalent in Latin novelas…

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