Enviromentally-friendly, landscape fabric, reusable mulching system

Environmentally-Friendly, landscape fabric, reusable mulching system

Excellent technology! Hats off to House in the Woods Farm for their re-usable mulch layer. I use the same machine in my Drip Irrigation laboratory. I would love to be able to replace the plastic with the landscape fabric.

“…..a water-permeable, air-permeable reusable weed-barrier that is laid out in 15 minutes by a tractor. The mulch machine layer makes a raised bed, lays out the drip tape, lays out the reusable cloth, tucks the edges under soil and makes your dinner, all in one or two passes of the tractor.” Read more…


2 thoughts on “Enviromentally-friendly, landscape fabric, reusable mulching system

  1. The biggest issue I have with landscape fabric, especially the heavy plastic kind, is that you ca not get a shovel through it. But a mulch on top of cardboard is effective, and eventually weeds come back, especially the very old and large roots. Nice video!

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