Food Security: Nine principles that promote it

Thanks Rhea Harmsen for this great post on Food Security.

Rhea Harmsen

Food Security: Nine principles that promote it

A very interesting article in Grist by Dr. Vandana Shiva about the food security of the world and the forces that control it was followed by a revealing exchange of comments between a big corporation executive and environmentalists and sustainable agriculture advocates.

I felt there were so many issues being thrown around (including a very disturbing suggestion that overpopulated poor countries should simply let a portion of their population starve out to restore the natural balance as per their food production/distribution capacity), that I thought of some broad principles (common sense stuff) that could help us think about where we actually want to go.

Granted, I’m not an expert in food security but I am passionate about it. Yes, so many nations don’t have it, and their policy makers seem barely aware of it. So, we the people, could start to move…

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