One question that comes up often with our homeowners is how to track how much energy is being produced.  The solution to this is the monitoring systems.  Currently Kiosk uses two different types of monitoring systems, depending on the type of system.

1. Microinverter systems have monitoring embedded into each microinverter, which are attached to each panel.  They allow for per panel monitoring.  You monitor the system by going onto the Enphase website and putting in your login and password.  This is what the Enphase portal looks like:

2. Tigo boxes are designed for systems that use string inverters.  The Tigos are attached to every panel, to monitor the production output and optimize production based on light conditions.  You monitor the system by logging into the Tigo website and putting in your login and password.  This is what the Tigo portal looks like:

Enphase vs. Tigo

Many customers ask what type…

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