PR pitches broadband plan in DC

PR pitches broadband plan in DC

This issue is near and dear to my heart.  I live in the Llanos Tuna area of Cabo Rojo where we do not get Choice or PRT (Claro) internet.  We use HughesNet, a satellite-based  internet service, but it does not meet our needs, and is too expensive.  We have tried various cell phone-based approaches (Open-Mobile, Claro, Centenial) but we do not get good reception.  Not only that, the cell-phone approaches are slow and do not provide unlimited data downloading, as do Choice and PRT.  HughesNet allows us only 425 Mbytes per day, which we exceed frequently.  Downloading movies is out of the question.  If we exceed the amount then we are basically shut down for 24 hours!!  We do get some restore tokens each month, but if we use them up we have to pay $7 for additional restore tokens.  Every night before I go to bed I pray that someone will bring decent internet to my neighborhood. I will now focus my prayers on the success of the Puerto Rico’s Broadband Strategic Plan. 🙂


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