The Contemplative Mammoth

Things have been rather quiet on this blog in the last month or so as I’ve been working hard on #phd2012, and I wanted to give a brief update lest you thought this particular mammoth had gone extinct. I’ll be defending my dissertation on July 5th, and am planning on live-streaming the public portion of my defense, so stay tuned for details!

Remember that post I wrote about the obligatory “What’s next?” I am very excited to report that I will be moving to Providence, RI in August to begin a position as a Voss Postdoctoral Fellow at the Environmental Change Initiative at Brown University. I am very excited about this position, which allows me to work jointly with two advisors from two different departments on an explicitly interdisciplinary project. I’ll be working with global change ecologist Dov Sax (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) and paleoeclimatologist James Russell (Geological Sciences) on a…

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