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Sandyfoot Farm

Thursday and Friday brought thunderstorms to our area.  We had several inches of rain, strong winds, thunder, and lightning.  Several large limbs fell out of the sycamore trees.  But some beautiful, cool weather has followed this weekend and we are enjoying a break from the heat.

The monarda or ‘bee balm’ started blooming last week.  It has taken a full year to get established, but worth the wait!  Nice straight stems and crazy-looking flowers.

We tried growing cabbage this year.  Red savoy cabbage, with beautiful red and green crinkly leaves.  We had never attempted growing cabbage before because we were wary of pest pressures from cabbage worms.  Unfortunately our trial did not work out too well.  We were able to harvest a small amount of cabbage heads, but overall the planting was a disaster.  Sure, in this picture the head looks fine on the outside, but the cabbage loopers had…

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