GOES-Puerto Rico Water and Energy Balance (GOES-PRWEB) 2010 Results. UPDATED WITH MORE IMAGES.

GOES-Puerto Rico Water and Energy Balance (GOES-PRWEB) 2010 results: http://wp.me/P1s0De-9j

The page now includes many more images for 2010. In addition to the water balance components, the following images are provided:

Transient Variables/Parameters
Air temperature, minimum air temperature, maximum air temperature, effective surface temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, saturated vapor pressure, actual vapor pressure, solar radiation, aerodynamic resistance (Ra), surface resistance (Rs), soil moisture, crop coefficient (Kc), crop stress factor (Ks), net radiation, latent heat flux and sensible heat flux.

Non-transient Parameters:
Surface elevation, Percent sand, silt and clay, field capacity, wilting point, land use/land cover, zero plane displacement and surface roughness, and albedo.


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