Weekly Estimated Agricultural Rainfall Deficit for Puerto Rico, 2015 (negative values only)


This page shows the “real” agricultural  rainfall deficit, showing only the negative values (white areas represent excess rainfall). Showing only the negative values enables you to see those areas of the island where the the rainfall did not meet the crop water requirement.

The estimated rainfall deficit is defined here as the rainfall minus the reference evapotranspiration (ETo), and has been used in previous studies in Puerto Rico (e.g., Harmsen et al., 2009). The “true” rainfall deficit is dependent on the potential crop evapotranspiration, however, the reference evapotranspiration may serve as an approximation of the potential crop evapotranspiration for a typical, mature crop.  If the weekly rainfall deficit is positive it means that there was more rainfall than the crop needed, if, however, the rainfall deficit is negative then the weekly rainfall was insufficient to meet the crop water requirement.   The units of rainfall deficit are in millimeters.

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Week ending Saturday May 20, 2017 (Week 20)

Week ending Mar 6, 2016

Week ending Feb 21, 2016

Rainfall deficit: Week no. 42 (week ending Oct 18)

Week ending July 30th