Weekly and Monthly Agricultural Rainfall Deficit for Puerto Rico, 2015

Rainfall deficit is defined here as the rainfall minus the reference evapotranspiration (ETo), and has been used in previous studies in Puerto Rico (e.g., Harmsen et al., 2009).  The “true” rainfall deficit is dependent on the potential crop evapotranspiration, however, the reference evapotranspiration may serve as an approximation of the potential crop evapotranspiration for a typical, mature crop.  If the monthly rainfall deficit is positive it means that there was more rainfall than the crop needed, if, however, the rainfall deficit is negative then the monthly rainfall was insufficient to meet the crop water requirement.   To view the monthly estimated rainfall deficit for Puerto Rico, click below:

Monthly agricultural rainfall deficit for Puerto Rico, 2015
Weekly agricultural rainfall deficit for Puerto Rico, 2015

Progress of the 2015 Puerto Rico Drought – Selected Soil and Water Parameters

Weekly and monthly images of selected soil and water parameters for Puerto Rico will be available at the following website during the period of drought in the island. Click below:


Agricultores podrían demandar a la Autoridad de Tierras

Agricultores podrían demandar a la Autoridad de Tierras

“Le han dado contrato a otras personas a $30 por cuerda cuando nosotros pagábamos $85 por cuerda”, dijo Hernández, quien tiene seis obreros en su finca.

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Photos from UPRM Soil and Water Management Class field trip to a farm in the Coloso Valley in 2011.