Is Global Warming Real?

I gave this homework assignment to my Agroclimatology class today.  Perhaps you would like to try it?

Homework Problem:  Do you believe that global warming is real?

Please read the articles and watch the YouTube video at the following links and provide me with a 1 page argument either for or against man-made global warming. (If you are not in my class, you don’t have to submit the 1 page argument, however, you may want to leave a comment below.)

Climate Change: ‘Hoax’ Or Crime Of The Century?

Most Used Climate Myths and what the science says….

TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege – David Roberts – Climate Change is Simple

Rechazan Proceso Judicial Injusto

Rechazan Proceso Judicial Injusto

Las 6 personas arrestadas el 15 de diciembre de 2011, en la Reserva Agrícola de Santa Isabel, por defender la soberanía alimentaria de Puerto Rico, han decidido renunciar al proceso de Vista Preliminar (VP) por considerarlo un proceso que se ha llevado de una forma amañada y pro forma. La decisión tomada la expresarán en ……(leer más)

The climate of the climate change debate is changing

The climate of the climate change debate is changing

Quantifying how greenhouse gases contribute to extreme weather is a crucial step in calculating the cost of human influence

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State of the Climate – NOAA’s June Report

A New Climate Science Resource from the National Academies

A New Climate Science Resource from the National Academies

The National Academies, the nation’s preeminent independent scientific advisory body, has released a series of videos building on themes laid out in its America’s Climate Choices reports over the past couple of years. Above, you can watch the material as a single long video. Below you can find links to seven themed sections:

Chapter 1: What is Climate?

Chapter 2: Is Earth Warming?

Chapter 3: Greenhouse Gases

Chapter 4: Increased Emissions

Chapter 5: How Much Warming?

Chapter 6: Solar Influence

Chapter 7: Natural Cycles

There’s plenty more on Dot Earth related to these reports. And of course there’s plenty here on the basic science pointing to a rising human influence on the climate system.