GOES-PRWEB results questionable until NEXRAD is back online

I received an email from Ernesto Rodriguez of the National Weather Service in San Juan this morning, regarding the rainfall data from NOAA’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS).  GOES-PRWEB uses the AHPS, so until NEXRAD is back online, the GOES-PRWEB results will be questionable.


Here is the email from Ernesto:

AHPS data is questionable without the NEXRAD. Until the NEXRAD returns, the AHPS analysis will be created using the Terminal Doppler Radar(TWDR) at Punta Salinas(Toa Baja) and rain gauges(from USGS).
Please, remember that the TDWR is not very useful to detect showers over the southern half of Puerto Rico and the extreme west of Puerto Rico.
–Ernesto Rodriguez