Brown, Yousafzai partner for education

Exciting proposals for rights of girls. 

Gordon Brown is a United Nations Special Envoy on Global Education. He was formerly the UK’s prime minister.


GirlRising: Malala and Shazia

The story of Malala’s friend: Brightening girls’ lives with education

Excellent Article and videos on the work of these brave girls.

(CNN) — Today we can tell the remarkable story of Shazia Ramzan, a 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl.

Last October Shazia was travelling home from school with her friend Malala Yousafzai when a Taliban gunman boarded their bus and shot both of them. Malala suffered head and facial injuries and had to be rushed to hospital in the UK. Shot in the neck and arm, Shazia spent a month in hospital while her deep wounds healed. Both were attacked by terrorists who wanted to stop girls going to school. Read more…


Gender Equality is Essential to Progress

Gender Equality is Essential to Progress

Peace is only possible, according to Baha’i teachings, once women have been accorded full participation across all fields of human endeavor. Until such gender equality becomes reality, Baha’is believe a climate in which international peace will emerge cannot be fully realized.  Read more….

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UN envoy and young Pakistani activist launch drive for safe, universal education

UN envoy and young Pakistani activist launch drive for safe, universal education

17 June 2013 – A 15-year-old Pakistani girl targeted by assassins – Malala Yousafzai – is the first signatory of a new worldwide petition calling for urgent action to ensure the right of every child to safely attend school, launched today with the backing of the United Nations Special Envoy for Education.