Good News!! GOES-13 is back online. Solar Radiation Data is Available For Downloading

Good News!!  GOES-13 is back online.  Solar Radiation Can be downloaded by clicking HERE

The GOES-13 satellite was offline from September 25 through October 19, 2012.  During this time, solar radiation data for PR and the northern Caribbean Region were not available.  However, the water and energy balance algorithm (GOES-PRWEB) continued to function with estimated solar radiation data.  GOES-PRWEB results for solar radiation and 24 other hydro-climate variables are available at



Replacement Weather Satellite for GOES East

Replacement Weather Satellite for GOES East

This is bad news for the Caribbean Region.  And this is very bad news for those of you that regularly download solar radiation data from or rely on results from GOES-PRWEB.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirmed Monday that GOES-13 has been placed in stand-by mode, following increased vibrations, or “noise,” observed in imagery over the past couple of days.  For more information visit

This post has implications on data from the following pragwater web pages:

This composite satellite image from Sunday shows a lack of data from GOES-13 over the east coast of the U.S. (CIMSS Satellite Blog)

Curso: Sistema de Energía Solar – División de Educación Continua y Estudios Profesionales UPRM

Sistema de Energía Solar

Curso: DT0303
Categoría: Destrezas Técnicas
Nombre: Sistema de Energía Solar
Duración: 30 Horas
Costo: $150


Como la utilización de celdas fotovoltaicas (fabricada con silicio) convierte en forma directa la energía lumínica en electricidad.

Los estudiantes desarrollarán conocimientos para realizar instalaciones seguras y eficientes con el propósito primordial de conservar el planeta utilizando uno de nuestros recursos naturales.

Áreas a cubrirse en este curso:

-Estructura de la materia
-Circuitos eléctricos
-Normas de seguridad
-Materiales, herramientas y equipo
-Instalaciones eléctricas monofásicas residenciales
-Planta de electricidad y detalles
-Dibujos técnicos

Sección Profesor Horario Fecha Matricular
001 José L Morales Rodriguez Miércoles 6:00-9:00 PM 12 de septiembre al 14 de noviembre de 2012 Matricularme
002 José L Morales Rodriguez Viernes 6:00-9:00 PM 14 de septiembre al 30 de noviembre de 2012 Matricularme

A new dissertation on Flood Prediction Limitations in Small Watersheds with Mountainous Terrain and High Rainfall Variability

Flood Prediction Limitations in Small Watersheds with Mountainous Terrain and High Rainfall Variability

Ph.D. Dissertation by Alejandra María Rojas González, Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying, University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez Campus, July 2012.

Testbed Subwatershed (TBSW) location within the 4 km by 4 km NEXRAD pixel and rain gauge network.


Hydrologic Information and Data for Puerto Rico

Hydrologic Information and Data for Puerto Rico

Additional Information:

GOES-Puerto Rico Water and Energy Balance (GOES-WEB) Algorithm

Hydrology for Puerto Rico

USGS – Island hydrology: Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Hydrogeology of the Karst of Puerto Rico


HYDROLOG – Gobierno de Puerto Rico

Tropical cyclones and the flood hydrology of Puerto Rico

2010 Summer Specialty Conference on Tropical Hydrology

Hydrology Puerto Rico

Tim O’Reilly: Towards a global brain

The concept of the global brain has been around since the beginning of the last century (  I remember back in the early 1980’s, my mother-in-law, Jane Howard Edmonds, was promoting the concept by sharing a VHS video tape on the subject with her friends and family.   Since then, the concept has become closer to a reality as described by Tim O’Reilly.

Smart hand pumps promise cleaner water in Africa

Smart hand pumps promise cleaner water in Africa

“Water does not just save lives in the short term – it is also a cornerstone for delivering economic growth and helping countries to work their way out of poverty,” he said.

“This is why UK aid will give an additional 15 million people access to clean water by 2015 and supporting a number of programmes, like this one, to help the world’s poorest countries harness the full potential of their water resources.”

The technology has other potential benefits. It will allow scientists to compile a real time database of how much water is being used across the continent. Greater predictability of breakdowns could also help drive down the cost of repairs.

Kenya pump mobile
The technology is located inside the pump