Dubai: Don’t Punish Women for Being Raped

Dubai: Don’t Punish Women for Being Raped




Course offerings this semester at UPRM: Farm Irrigation and Agroclimatology (TMAG)

I will be offering the following two courses this semester at UPR-Mayaguez. Please click the following links for the course fliers.

TMAG 5017 Agroclimatology

TMAG 4019 Farm Drainage and Irrigation Systems

Please feel free to contact me if you would like additional information about either course.

Eric Harmsen, Professor
University of Puerto Rico
Dept. of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 00681
phone: 787-955-5102
websites: ,


95+19 Youth Conferences

Over the next few months, 114 youth conferences will be held at locations throughout the world. The purpose of the conferences is to inspire and empower a generation of youth who are transforming their communities through acts of service. In large part, these youth represent a group known as Junior Youth Group animators. Animators lead small groups (5 to 15, ages 11-15), through a training process, which will enable them to become youth leaders and a positive force for transforming the world.

Check back here periodically to see new photos from the conferences as they become available.


Youth attending the conference in San José, Costa Rica.  Youth from Central America and Puerto Rico are attending this conference.

first of the 114 Youth Conferences starts today!! Papua New Guinea!
Youth from Papua New Guinea traveling to their Conference.

pr youth
Youth from Puerto Rico Arriving at the conference in San José, Costa.

youth conference
Cali, Colombia Youth Conference

orientation weekend for facilitators - Frankfort Germany
Facilitators arriving in Frankfort Germany, to plan the Frankfort conference.

youth conference
Santiago, Chile

Burundi Youth Conference

Brazil Conference