Some climate change-related articles you may have missed during the last couple of weeks

Flood evacuees

(photo from

US energy agency asked scientists to scrub references to climate change : Nature News & Comment

Harvey shows how planetary winds are shifting | The Japan Times

Climate change juiced Hurricane Harvey  USA Today

Harvey’s flooding is triggering chemical spills, which could cause other environmental disasters – The Verge

For Scott Pruitt’s EPA, Climate-Change Denial Is Mission Critical | The Nation

Trump’s stance on climate change troubles some – CNN Video

In an era of dire climate records the US and South Asia floods won’t be the last | US news | The Guardian

The Relationship Between Hurricanes and Climate Change The New York Times

Arctic Warming Made Harvey A ‘Killer Storm,’ Climate Researcher Says | HuffPost

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt: “Science Shouldn’t Dictate American Policy” | IFLScience

This map reveals rising temperatures in every state that are causing chaos in America – San Antonio Express-News

Scientists Aren’t Sure What Climate Change Did to Harvey  Gizmodo

Ted Parson: It’s time to take climate engineering seriously – UCLA IoES

Houston, Tell Your President We Have a Problem: It’s Called Climate Change  EcoWatch

How Climate Change Contributed to Massive Floods in South Asia – Pacific Standard

Ex-NASA Scientist James Hansen: There is a Clear Link Between Climate Change & Stronger Hurricanes | Democracy Now!  Independent Global News

Climate change to damage U.S. economy, increase inequality  Princeton University

Why are the crucial questions about Hurricane Harvey not being asked? | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

Harvey Didn’t Come Out of the Blue. Now is the Time to Talk About Climate Change.  The Intercept

How A Warmer Climate Helped Shape Harvey  Flipboard

EPA Spokesperson: Abandoning Our Sponsorship of Climate Leadership Program ‘Shouldn’t Be a Surprise’  Gizmodo

‘Whoa!’: Climate Change-Denying Politicians React to Hurricane Harvey Jezebel The Slot

Was Climate Change Involved in Making Hurricane Harvey? ScienceAlert

Hurricane Harvey Probably Isn’t a 500-Year Event Anymore  Mother Jones

Houston, you have a problem, and some of it of your own making The Sydney Morning Herald

How farmers convinced scientists to take climate change seriously The Washington Post

Warmer waters from climate change causing fish to shrink in size, finds study Independent

Rick Perry Wanted to Prove the Obama Administration Killed Coal. But the Facts Got in the Way Time

Northeast States Just Delivered A ‘Major Victory’ Against Climate Change Huffington Post

Why is climate change’s 2 degrees Celsius of warming limit so important? The Conversation

Trump administration dismisses climate change advisory panel CNN

Climate Migrants Might Reach One Billion by 2050 Inter Press Service

Few details on Trudeau’s NAFTA climate strategy National Observer

Climate Refugees: Kiribati CBS News

Trump allows climate change advisory panel to expire National Politics and Government

“An Inconvenient Sequel” conveniently leaves out one big truth Salon

Climate change is already destroying lives in the Pacific The Spinoff

How Trump’s Climate Report Dismissal Would Put Americans In Harm’s Way Fast Company

Behind the Lens: Climate Refugees CBS News

Climate scientists create Caribbean drought atlas Science Daily

World on course for one of warmest years on record even without a natural El Nino boost Independent

Climate: ‘Every year a contender for warmest on record’ DW

France’s Climate Science Grants Want To Make The Planet Great Again–And Thousands Have Applied Fast Company

The White House doesn’t think sea-level rise is important to US infrastructure Quartz

Jimmy Carter Talks Solar Energy EcoWatch

Global ocean circulation may be slowing down due to Arctic ice loss Inhabitat


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