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Novelist tackles the most challenging issue head on

“Racism is the most challenging issue sabotaging the American dream.”  In her just-released e-novel INTERMARRY, Rhea Harmsen tackles this endemic problem in American Society.  DOWNLOAD IT FREE at from December 22-26, 2013. About the Author Rhea Harmsen is a scientist, … Continue reading

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Book Launch: INTERMARRY, Rhea Harmsen’s new novel promises, “The conversation on race has begun.”

Originally posted on Rhea Harmsen:
INTERMARRY a new novel by Rhea Harmsen A strange menagerie in an unlikely setting. Jack Wolinski, a young white architect with a crazy scheme and some maxed-out credit cards. Fiona Reed, a young woman with…

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BOOK LAUNCH AGAIN! GOD CREATED WOMEN, the new release from Rhea Harmsen is the novel that debunks the myth that women were born to suffer

Originally posted on Rhea Harmsen:
A few weeks ago I asked my readers for help in naming my new novel. This plea went out over wordpress and facebook and many of you responded with truly excellent feedback. So, you might…

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Graduate Course to be offered in Applied Remote Sensing – UPRM


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Water Extremely Likely Wet. Pope Extremely Likely Catholic. CC Extremely Likely Man Made.

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
Here’s a little known news item from an obscure organization that someone obviously is trying to hide by releasing it in a Friday news dump…oh, wait. NYTimes: A panel of experts…

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Coffee Propaganda …gotta love the animation in this one!

Originally posted on MyCoffeeCalling:
Simply amazing student work! Im sure they’re lovers of the mighty bean.

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Thursday’s rainfall in Puerto Rico and San Juan

This map comes from NOAA’s Multisensor Precipitation Estimation (MPE) product.  The rainfall map is based on NEXRAD radar, bias corrected with rain gauge data.  Note that the Old San Juan/Condado area of San Juan registered over 200 mm (> 8 … Continue reading

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Tell Congress: Stop the pesticide that is killing bees

Tell Congress: Stop the pesticide that is killing bees Sign online petition:  click here

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An Epidemic We Need to Stop

Originally posted on It's a Mis-fit:
The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently released a study regarding global statistics on physical and sexual violence and the related deaths of women. The information the WHO released proved that physical or sexual…

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The Red, White and Blue of Growers Supply’s NFT Hydroponic Systems

Originally posted on Growers Supply:
In honor of the Fourth this week, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite American-made product lines. Hydroponics is growing in popularity for growing a variety of different plants. It requires much less space…

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